Discussion Papers

D-9801. Joseph Cordes, Dean Gatzlaff, and Anthony Yezer, "To The Waters Edge, And Beyond: Effect Of Protection Projects On Beach Development".

D-9802. Arun S. Malik, "Further Results on Permit Markets with Market Power and Cheating".

D-9803. Christopher M. Snyder, Robert P. Trost, R. Dered Trunkey, "Reducing Government Spending with Privatization Competitions: A Study of the Department of Defense Experience".

D-9805. Tasneem Chipty, Christopher M. Snyder, "The Role of Firm Size in Bilateral Bargaining: A Study of the Cable Television Industry".

D-9806. Maura P. Doyle, Christopher M. Snyder, "Information Sharing and Competition in the Motor Vehicle Industry".

D-9807. Ed Feasel, Yongbeom Kim, and Stephen C. Smith, "A VAR Approach to Growth Empirics: Korea".

D-9808.   Arun S. Malik, Gregory S. Amacher, "Taxes versus Standard when Technology Choice is Endogenous".

D-9809. Michael D. Bradley, Edward M. Feasel, "Identifying Asymmetric Responses to Monetary Policy".

D-9810. Robert F. Phillips, "Estimation of One-Way Error-Component Models with Autoregressive Components: An Application of the EM Method".

D-9811. Anthony M. Yezer, "The Economics of Natural Disasters".

D-9901. Subramanian S. Sriram, "Survey of Literature on Demand for Money: Theoretical and Empirical Work with Special Reference to the Error-Correction Models".

D-9902. Christopher M. Snyder, Maura P. Doyle, "Information Sharing and Competition in the Motor Vehicle Industry".

D-9903. Stephen C. Smith, Sanjay Jain, "Village Banking and Maternal and Child Health: Theory and Evidence from Ecuador and Honduras".

D-9904. H.O. Stekler, Robert Fildes, "The State of Macroeconomic Forecasting".

D-9905. Robert S. Goldfarb, H.O. Stekler, "Testing For Rationality: Would Meta-Analysis Help?".

D-0001. Pernille Holtedahl, Frederick L. Joutz, "Residential Electricity Demand in Taiwan".

D-0002. Michael D. Bradley, Dennis W. Jansen, "Are Business Cycle Dynamics the Same Across Countries? Testing Linearity around the Globe".

D-0003. Anthony Pennington-Cross, Anthony Yezer, Joseph Nichols, "Credit Risk and the Subprime Mortgage Market".

D-0101. Subramanian S. Sriram, "An Econometric Analysis of Demand for M2 in Malaysia, 1973-95".

D-0102. Anthony Pennington-Cross, Anthony M. Yezer, "The FHA in the New Millennium".

D-0103. Fred Joutz, Sattar A. Mansi, William F. Maxwell, "The Dynamics of Corporate Credit Spreads".

D-0301. Joseph Pelzman, "Imported Capital Dependency as an Economic Development Strategy: The Failure of Distortionary Tax Policies in Puerto Rico".

D-0302. Anthony Pennington-Cross, Joseph Nichols, and Anthony Yezer, "Borrower Self-Selection, Underwriting Costs, and Subprime Mortgage Credit Supply".

D-0303. Robert Trost, Julian Silk, "A Note on Labor Unions".