Tara Sinclair and Dean Paul Wahlbeck talking on a stage in front of a Columbian College of Arts and Sciences banner

The Center for Economic Research (CER) is the main administrative vehicle for organizing, coordinating and publicizing the substantial research efforts of the GW Columbian College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Economics. The center is home to the H.O. Stekler Research Program in Forecasting, an endowed research program in the Columbian College. Our faculty have published in top journals, presented at conferences around the world and are frequently called upon by media outlets to discuss the latest trends in economic forecasting.

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News from the Center

A macroeconomics model for Saudi Arabia

New Macroeconomics Book Dedicated to Professor Fred Joutz

KAPSARC published a book dedicated to Professor Fred Joutz’s memory: A Macroeconometric Model for Saudi Arabia.

Tara Sinclair and Dean Wahlbeck sitting and talking on a stage with a CCAS logo behind

Forecasting Our Economic Future

CCAS Dean Wahlbeck spoke with Professor of Economics and International Affairs Tara Sinclair about COVID-19's economic impact and her forecast for what’s to come.

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