The Center for Economic Research

In its 5-year self-study, the Department of Economics proposed establishing a research center as part of an overall strategy for achieving academic excellence. As the name suggests, the Center for Economic Research concentrates on the various fields of research in the social sciences which overlap with the scholarly research of faculty in the Department of Economics. With almost 30 faculty in the department who are actively engaged in such research, the range of topics is broad and includes: macroeconomic and microeconomic theory, monetary theory and policy, public finance, econometrics, economic forecasting, regulation and industrial organization, health economics, regional and urban economics, benefit/cost analysis, financial economics, and the economics of technological change.

The Center is the main administrative vehicle for organizing, coordinating, and publicizing the already substantial research efforts of the Department of Economics. We believe this serves several objectives:

  • The Center significantly increases the extent to which the research of individual faculty enhances the institutional visibility of the University.
  • The Center increases communication and interchange with colleagues at other Universities and at private research institutions in the DC area.
  • The Center encourages even more scholarly activity by faculty by improving the administrative support for faculty research.
  • The Center sponsors conferences, meetings, and a discussion paper series that promote research efforts and publicize the activities of its members. The Center allows members to organize themselves into various programs whose design and operation are subject to oversight by the Center board. Thus far the "Program in Labor Studies" (PLS), and the "Program in Industry Economics and Policy" (PIEP) have been approved. The PIEP has affiliated GW faculty from both the National Law Center and the School of Business and Public Management.

Board of Directors

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Meet the Director

Professor Anthony Yezer is a member of the Department of Economics where he teaches courses in regional economics, urban economics, and the economics of crime. He conducts research on urban and regional economics, interregional migration, mortgage lending and credit risk measurement, the economic effects of natural disasters, optimal city size, spatial competition, spatial voting models, interarea rent and price indexes, endogenous diversity in cities, and the energy footprint of cities.