Research Program in Labor & Social Insurance

The Research Program in Labor and Social Insurance supports research, teaching, and dissertation supervision in labor economics and related subject areas as part of the Department of Economics and Center for Economic Research at The George Washington University.

The current research interests of program members include a wide range of analytical and policy related studies in the following areas:

  • Labor Markets and Human Capital
  • Social Insurance Program Design
  • Demographic Economics
  • The Economics of Immigration
  • Urban and Regional Labor Markets
  • The Economics of Crime
  • The Design of Educational Systems
  • Public Service Delivery and Taxation in Developing Countries

The Department of Economics offers both graduate and undergraduate courses in labor economics and related fields.

  • Graduate training includes a two course sequence on labor market structure emphasizing theoretical and econometric modeling (Economics 8341-2), with related course work in demography, cost-benefit analysis, and applied micro-econometric methods.
  • Undergraduate course offerings include labor economics (Economics 2142), the economics of human resources (Economics 2165), and the economics of crime (Economics 2167).

Members of the Program in Labor and Social Insurance include:

Meet the Program Director

Donald Parsons is Professor of Economics, and Director of the Department's Research Program in Labor and Social Insurance. He received his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago in 1970. He has served as a visiting scholar at the Centre for Socio-legal Studies among other appointments.

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